Construction Warranty

We warranty the construction of all pieces of furniture we supply for a period of 10 years, starting from the time the customer’s order was placed. This covers joint construction, cracking, warping and cupping. There are no conditions that need to be met. This warranty does not cover denting or any other form of abuse.
Finish Warranty

***Comes into effect once our finish has cured out which takes 21 days from the date the finish was applied*** ***The term “finish” on this document pertains solely to the polyurethane top coat we apply on top of the paint or stain color to seal and protect the furniture***
We warranty our finishes for a period of 4 years (starting from the time the customer’s order was placed) against staining, clouding, ringing or water marking so long as liquid is not left on any surface for longer than two days. Our finish was tested with water left on it for a period of two days and it was left

unchanged. Any length of exposure longer than two days is not guaranteed to have the same results and is therefore not under warranty. The finish will resist heat up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit and it is also resistant to any household chemicals and cleaners that contain no wax, polishes, or oils. Products containing silicone will not visibly damage the finish but will penetrate it. We do not recommend cleaning our furniture with products containing silicone.

All finishes can be scuffed and scratched if anything rough is dragged over or across the finish. We do not warranty against scuffs or scratches. Protect the top with placemats and/or runners for any item that has a textured bottom. Only use cloth placemats and runners to protect the surface from rough bottomed items.

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