Express Yourself with Inspired Designs from Expressions IN WOOD

You are always part of the process with a stunningly beautiful and durable one-of-a-kind design from Expressions In Wood Inc. Whether you are looking for a “statement” piece or want to complement or match existing furniture, your inspired fine furniture will amaze family and guests. In addition to pieces for your home Expressions In Wood Inc. can create bold office pieces like wall units, desks, and file storage.

We can also repair, refinish and reupholster existing wood pieces from your home or office.

10 Steps to Satisfaction:

  1. Begin with a phone call to book an initial meeting at either the Expressions In Wood Inc. Stoney Creek or Stratford location.
  2. Before you arrive collect as much information in advance as possible such as floor plans of the space and dimensions of the area. Add photos and magazine pictures of the kinds of furniture and finishes that appeal most to you. The more information you have with you at the first meeting the quicker we can understand what you are looking to create.
  3. During the initial meeting one of our talented designers will create a rough sketch of the furniture piece you would like and will quote an approximate price. If that price is agreeable, we require a 20% deposit to proceed.
  4. second meeting is held during which detailed drawings are provided and any subsequent revisions are done until the drawings are approved by you.
  5. At a third meeting final choices are required for fabric, finish, hardware, glass, then  a final price is provided for your approval.
  6. Construction begins.
  7. If you wish once the piece or pieces are in our shop you can come in and inspect the furniture before the finishing process commences.
  8. Your piece is then finished and assembled and a final inspection is performed before it leaves the workshop.
  9. Expressions In Wood Inc.’s own delivery truck and staff will bring your piece to your home or office where it is final assembled and tested again for functionality. Final payment is required upon delivery.
  10. Follow up customer service call is made to you. Any adjustments are made as soon as is possible and to your satisfaction.