We use a high solids cross-link finish which is ideal for everyday use. These finishes are hard and dense yet they are like silk; soft and smooth to the touch.

  • heat resistant up to 170 degrees F or 76.667 degrees Celsius
  • no cloudy marks from hot or cold items
  • no rings from wet glasses


solid ambrosia maple with a solid black rub through to another colour taupe colour on ambrosia maple hard maple with a light brown stain water clear liquid stainless steel finish on a curved island base solid maple frames and drawer fronts brown hard maple with a light stain shows variation in colour



With your help, while construction of you order is in process we will guide you through the choices of stains and finish applications,  we will not finish your order until you have approved your specific finish.

Our stains are applied by using a lint free cotton cloth and hand wiping stain onto the wood, we then hand wipe the excess stain off  the wood. This application ensures that the stain is forced deep into the wood. This application ensures the wood grain shows crystal clear, and is of most importance with woods such as tiger and bird’s eye maple which will show iridescent when you view the table from different directions.

To enhance the beauty of the finish you have chosen, our multiple layers of clear coat are water clear and non-yellowing this finish application is unique in our industry.

Our finish process is very important as it allows your finish choice to radiate beauty for a long time.

We have many other finish processes available such as solid colours, glazes, patina,s and shaded finishes to mention a few.


A Furniture Care Sheet is provided when we delivery your furniture. For the first three weeks upon delivery, please keep your furniture clean with a simple technique by damp dusting with a clean cotton cloth. Never put any wax, oils or polishes on our finish.

Although our finish is very hard and has a superior scuff resistance please note that
all finishes can be scratched. It is vital to protect the surface of your custom furniture piece by not dragging anything across the surface that may have a rough textured base. If in doubt please use a cotton place mat to protect the surface.